11 Sustainable Travel Products for 2018

Updated: October 4, 2018

The most recent travel gadgets grabbing my attention are sustainable travel gear. I have taken two long-term trips and found eco-friendly products to be really useful. They are reusable, sturdy, and versatile. I’ve rounded up my top ten sustainable travel products of 2018. This list will be updated and grow as the weeks go on because I’m sure to find new favorites along the way.

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1.     Bee’s Wrap

I am obsessed with this stuff. I found it at SoLo in Solana Beach, California (which is also a great store that I frequent often). I purchased it with the intension of kitchen use and basic food storage. By the time I got it home I had thought of a lot more uses related to travel: wrap sandwiches for picnics, makeshift cutting board or surface cover when prepping food at hostels, and snack storage for on-the-go days. The beeswax comes in several sizes and colors, purchase your Bee’s Wrap HERE.

2.     Baggu

I’ve talked about these handy bags before HERE. I love Baggu- both the brand and their products. My very first Baggu (which I got in 2009-true story!) is still my go-to for all my travel needs. It’s bright green color makes it easy to find in the bottom of my all-black-everything travel ensemble. It holds a full bag of groceries, a week’s worth of dirty clothes, or everything you need for a weekend getaway (not at the same time of course!). The basic baggu retails for $10 and will last you for years, in my case, close to 10 years! 

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3.     Reusable ziplock bags

Ziplock bags contribute significantly to landfills each year. Reuseit’s reusable, resealable sandwich and snacks bags are your answer! These bags are perfect for packing lunches or food storage while traveling. One of my top Healthy Travel Tips of 2018 is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables while traveling and these are the perfect container to hold those snacks. Plus, they are affordable! I have found great products in the past but the up-front cost is so high it makes me sick (even they it is almost always worth it in the end). These are inexpensive, reduce waste, and cute! Also see #10: Stasher Bags.

The PERFECT bag for a picnic in Paris

4.     Bamboo utensils

I first discovered these on YouTube. Some of my favorite food bloggers post pictures and videos featuring bamboo utensils. They have practical travels uses other than their ability to be aesthetically pleasing online. One way to save money while traveling is to eat in, these come in handy when staying in a hotel or hostel that is not fully equipped with kitchen supplies. They are also great when walking through street markets. Instead of using a plastic fork or spoon, why not use the more green option.

5.     Reusable water bottles: I know I talk about reusable water bottles a LOT, but they are wonderful and a travel essential! Plus, when it comes to eci-friendly travel, they are a no brainer. Buy yourself a reusable water bottle and use it throughout your travels. Make sure to wash it often as bacteria and germs can grow inside. Here are my recommendations for the most sustainable water bottles. 

6. Recycled Paper Travel Journal

I have been loving my Original Brooks recycled paper journal since the fall and I am excited to finally share it with you! The hand-sewn journals are made by a local artisan, Sara Brooks, based in Asheville, NC. Brooks uses a mixture of recycled paper to make these one-of-a-kind journals. What I love about them is every one is different. Mine has old envelopes sewn in, which is perfect for all the odds and ins I keep while on the road. You can find the journals at local Asheville locations or online in her Etsy shop

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7. Intelligent Nutrient Beauty Products

The first sustainable beauty products to make the list are by Intelligent Nutrients. Their products are certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and made from plants. Not to mention high quality. I have been loving their Skincare Travel Set and Shampoo/Conditioner Travel Set for several weeks now. The skincare bottles are glass so they can be recycled or reused and the shampoo and conditioners can be refilled with their environmental size products. 

8. EST/WST Backpack

Eastern culture meets western design in these innovative, ethically produced bags and accessories. The company focuses on where the textiles come from and the people who make them. My favorite bag is the KTM City Rucksack. Stylish, perfect for a day bag, and made out of all natural fibers. Read more about their commitment to sustainability here

9. Vapour Organic Beauty

The first make-up brand to make my list of sustainable products– Vapour Organic Beauty. The beauty brand sells make-up, skin care, and body products. All of their products are cruelty-free, made with the purest and organic ingredients, and made in the USA, Taos, New Mexico to be exact. Travel calls for easy, natural, and convenient make-up products. I recommend the easy-to-apply Luminous Foundation, one of their multi-use sticks for a quick cheek color, and finish with one of their velvety lip glosses

Coming Soon: YouTube Video on Vapour Beauty

10. Stasher Bags

The perfect thing to replace ziplock bags, toiletry bag, cosmetic bags, and so much more. The colorful, versatile product comes in three sizes: snack, sandwich, and gallon and a variety of colors. They are made of silicon which makes them microwavable, dishwasher-safe, and long-lasting. My favorite uses: bulk bin grocery shopping, keeping avocado halves fresh for days, and storing snacks while traveling.

11. MPOWERED Lights

These lights are affordable, compact, and so handy. I keep one in my car in case of emergency, one in my suitcase, and one with my camping equipment. My MPOWERED light was a lifesaver while camping across the country. I also use it as a flashlight in hostels. It only takes a few seconds to inflate it and the battery power is incredible.

I hope you enjoyed my first post about sustainable travel gear! If I missed any of your favorite products or you are a company that produces a sustainable product, contact me

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