8 Spring Travel Essentials + Packing List

Spring is in the air! Not to brag, but spring arrived in sunny San Diego months ago. For the rest of the country Spring 2018 is right around the corner…

Spring time is all about versatility and layering. Spring can bring chilly mornings, warm afternoons, and down-right frigid nights. My favorite spring pieces can be worn throughout the day and have multiple uses for that ever-changing temperature.

Without further ado, here are my spring travel essentials for your packing list! 

Waterproof Jacket

The first thing I pack for a spring trip is a medium-weight waterproof jacket. This is a must-have for several reasons: it is a great layering piece for chilly days, spring is a rainy season, and it can add a pop of color to any outfit. My all-time favorite jacket I purchased at Target for $20 when I was a freshman in college. I have received so many compliments on the maroon-colored jacket over the years. I love telling people I found it at Target!


You’re in luck! This is a similar version that is currently on sale for $13

Denim Shirt

Next up, a neutral button-up shirt. My J.Crew denim shirt is a travel staple, especially in the spring. I love to wear it un-buttoned with a tank underneath for a more casual look. If I get warm I usually take it off and throw it around my waist. You can also dress it up with a cute skirt or pair of pants if you are hitting the town. I find this shirt keeps me warm in windy, cool conditions and keeps me cool while hiking and moving around. The neutral blue denim is a great versatile color that allows you to pair the top with a variety of bottoms. Not to mention, the durability of JCrew’s shirt is unbeatable. I purchased this shirt in 2013 and have gotten SO MANY wears, plus it gets softer with time.

For those of you headed off to Spring Break 2018, these shirts make adorable swimsuit cover-ups! 


JCrew’s style has changed slightly over the years, but here is their most recent version! 

Patterned T-shirt

I love stripes. They are the perfect print to bring on trips. Stripes are neutral, can be paired with other patterns, are flattering, and photogenic. For spring trips, I like to bring a short sleeve striped tee. My favorite material is merino wool, but I also own cotton tees. I usually try to brighten up my (otherwise neutral) outfit by purchasing bright colored stripes. My go-to spring travel look is a pink striped tee under a denim shirt or light jacket. Cute but practical for travel purposes.


Here are a few of my favorite for spring! 

Dress or Jumpsuit

Something about warm weather makes me want to throw on a dress (or jumpsuit) and have a margarita. Dresses are a great versatile piece for your spring travels. The perfect dress is comfy, cute, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It also hides wrinkles because let’s be real, who irons on vacation?  Last year I became obsessed with jumpsuits. As in I ordered six from ASOS before heading off to Europe for the summer. They are practical like dresses but have pants (which I prefer). Here are a few of my favorites. I love layering a denim jacket over a dress or jumpsuit if it’s chilly.

Rain Jacket

April showers bring May flowers…or so they say. Spring can be a rainy season for a lot of areas of the country and world. It is never a bad idea to throw a cute umbrella and rain jacket in your bag. In fact, I highly recommend a rain jacket. They are lightweight and fold up to almost nothing. If you forgo the rain jacket, make sure you bring a compact but sturdy umbrella. Am I the only one who has had a million umbrellas turn inside out on me in the middle of a rain storm?


I recommend bringing sunglasses on trips year-around but especially for those sunny spring days. Something high-quality that will protect your eyes but nothing too flashy to avoid being pegged as a tourist.



I’m not really sure if scarfs are still cool, but I always throw a scarf/shawl in my spring travel bag. I usually bring one that is bright and patterned to spice up my solid dresses and tops. Scarfs always seem to turn into shawls in the evenings when the sun sets and the temperatures drop.

Versatile shoes

I talk a lot about versatility in my winter travel essentials post. I strive to travel light and so having a shoe with multiple purposes is crucial. Spring is a difficult season to find a versatile shoe. It can be warm and cool, wet and dry. I recommend finding a stylish sandal and a comfy boot. If you plan on doing outdoor activities, a waterproof sneaker is the way to go! 

There you have it, my spring travel essentials and packing list. What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! 

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