Travel Thursday: Chapter 2

Welcome back for another Travel Thursday! An update on the “burn out” situation from last week…I am feeling much better. After about 10 days of rest and relaxation, plus a trip to Portland, OR, I am back on the grind and loving every second of it.

Feeling burned out made me think back to my conversation with Jeff Stanford, owner of The Stanford Inn. We talked at length about taking vacations and how it affects your mental health. Working can put you in a monotonous routine, regardless of what your day-to-day activities look like. Wake up, work, work, eat, work work, and sleep can largely take up the precious hours you are awake each day. Taking a vacation not only breaks up that daily routine but also allows you valuable time to reflect on what your daily routine has evolved into. It’s easier to reflect when you are completely removed from the routine (i.e. vacation). PS- writing a post on vacation and mental health is STILL on my to-do list. 

Anyway, I took a mental vacation and am feeling refreshed and more motivated than ever. 

So what have we been up to? 

We went to Portland last weekend! Portland has been at the top of David’s list since moving to San Diego. Unfortunately he didn’t get to spend much time in Portland itself. I flew into Portland Friday morning and spent the day eating lots (too much) vegan food and desserts. It rained the majority of the day (which I hear is normal for this time of year) so I didn’t spend much time outside. David arrived late evening Friday and went straight to bed. So much for seeing Portland.. 

Saturday morning we woke up and drove a snazzy electric vehicle to the Willamette Valley to explore the famous Oregon Wine Country. It was an incredible weekend full of wine, wine, and more wine, plus wine and wine. Read all about our adventures in Oregon Wine Country on Monday. 

We returned to sunny San Diego and immediately started planning our next getaway…

Where are we headed next?

We head to the East Coast in a few weeks for some much needed family time. This trip is sandwiched between two special groups of guests coming to visit us in San Diego. We are excited to play tourist in San Diego and check off some more of our bucket list items.

As for summer travel, we have something extra special planned. We have been having international travel withdrawals and are dying to visit a new country (and continent). Any guesses where we are headed? Here are some hints: USD is the currency and the temperatures will be in the 60s (in July). 

Thanks for reading my rambles, I’ll see ya back here next Thursday!