Travel Thursday Chapter 5 + 6

If I’m being honest the last two weeks have been brutal. Last week David and I took the red eye flight from LAX to Raleigh, NC for a fun-filled weekend with my family celebrating graduations, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Unfortunately the weekend ended with the unexpected loss of my grandfather. While the weekend was full of happy and sad tears I felt so lucky to have been here with my family during the good and bad times. 

Because of the hectic last few weeks I have not had the chance to post 10 Things To Know Before Backpacking Europe AND Our Big Travel Announcement video. Both are coming to Dolby Travels SOON! In the meantime, have you seen the San Diego Travel Guide video we submitted to WOW Air’s Travel Guide Competition? 

It’s one of my favorite videos to date, especially the surfing scene. Thanks for bearing with me over the next few weeks as life gets back to normal…er, well…as we pack up for our next big adventure.