Travel Thursday 8: Summer Wrap-up

Phew… where did August go? It flew by for me and David. Our August was the busiest month we have had in a while. Nonstop travel from coast to coast and celebrations in between. 

We kicked off our month in Charleston, SC. Fun fact: we both attended college there. It’s always nice to visit our Alma Mater and see how things have changed. We spent our weekend eat and drinking at some of our favorite spots. From there we jetted off to Baltimore, Maryland (where I attended graduate school) to visit more friends and family. 

Next up: a surprise. I ambitiously planned 30 days worth of surprises for David to celebrate his 30th birthday at the end of August. Most were small activities we had never done before (go to the dollar theater, driving range, etc.) However, I had scored a super cheap flights ($40/RT) to Orlando, Florida a few weeks prior so this surprise was going to be a little bigger. The morning of our trip I wrote David a note saying “Pack your bags…” along with a short packing list. He assumed we were going camping for the night or taking a short road trip. The confusion set in when I pulled into the airport. I parked and told him to hustle or we were going to be late. I managed to get us through security without him knowing the destination. 

We spent the next day at the Magic Kingdom. I had not been to Disney World in years. We had the best day. Rides, Mickey shaped-pretzels, and slushies made for the perfect, magical day I was hoping for. After a short 24 hours in Orlando we returned home to North Carolina for a fun-filled weekend. DAVID TURNED 3-0.

For his final surprise, we flew to Portland, Maine. A place that was on both of our bucket lists. It was cuter, quainter, and tastier than I could have imagined. The small town sits on the Atlantic and boasts all the New England charm. Our time there was full of eating (Portland has the BEST restaurants), walking around, and lighthouse hunting. We did not have nearly enough time in Portland. I could easily spend a full week there eating through the town. 


And now, for the most anticipated trip of the year…San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. Two of our good friends tied the knot in Livermore, California so naturally, we made a week of it. We spent two days biking all around San Francisco. Prior to this trip we had only driven through San Francisco (twice actually). It’s a wonderful city. The bike paths are wonderful and biking was the perfect way to see the city. 

San Francisco

The wedding was beautiful and made my heart so happy. 

Then, one of my best friends flew to California to go to Yosemite National Park with us. It was one of my favorite trips of ALL TIME. But I will write a full post on that because it’s worth it. Stay tuned!


As for what’s next… 

Well..we aren’t sure. We have a few more trips planned, we are searching for our next home, all while enjoying every second of life along the way. Thanks for sticking with us, there are lots of exciting things in the works!